Tor Vorraa, Director

MSc in urban and transportation planning from Norwegian Institute of Technology (NTNU) in 1983. Worked as a highway designer, transport modeller and planner in Norway, Germany and the UK. Part of Citilabs management team from its start in 2001 and co-founder of V&B Software Services Ltd (2009) and Citilabs Middle East Consultancy (2015), now CitiEU and CitiME.

Tor is a Cube certified trainer.


Alberto Brignone, Director

Graduated in February 1998 at the Polytechnic of Milan, started his career immediately after as transport planner and modeller, working on a wide range of projects around the world. In 2006 joined Citilabs as regional director, with responsibilities related to sales and training in the use of Cube in Italy, South Europe and Latin America. In 2009 he co-founded V&B Software Services LTD and in 2015 he co-founded Citilabs Middle East LLC. As director he oversees a team of professionals in carrying out the various projects that are commissioned to the two companies. Alberto is Member of the UK Transport Planning Society, he is a certificated Italian Engineer "Cert'Ing Advanced" and a Cube certified trainer.

Paolo Mariotti, Senior Consultant

Transport Engineer, degree in Civil Engineering at “Università degli Studi di Padova” in 2001.  He started his career in 2002 as transport planner and modeler, gaining an excellent knowledge in Cube software (Base, Voyager, Analyst, Avenue). Since 2007 he collaborates with Citilabs and subsequently also with V&B. Previously he worked for NIER Engineering at Bologna and Systematica Spa at Milano. Paolo is a Cube certified trainer.

Lorenza Manenti, Senior Consultant

PhD in “Computer Science” at Università degli Studi di Milano Bicocca in 2013, she works with V&B from 2016 as experienced modeller for microscopic traffic studies. She is also involved in pedestrian and traffic macroscopic modelling studies, with experience in the process of model calibration and validation, traffic demand preparation and results analysis. Before joining V&B, she worked as senior transport modeller for AECOM, London. Lorenza is Member of the UK Transport Planning Society and is a Cube certified trainer.

Guglielmo Baré, Senior Consultant

Degree in “Land and Environmental Engineering” at Politecnico di Milano in 2014. He presented a thesis based on the development of a Cube Land prototype model for the city of Milan. From June 2014, Eng. Baré collaborates with V&B as consultant and Cube Modeller, working on Land Use prototypes integrated with transport models and GIS. He is experienced in Cube Model developing both in national and international field. He has good capabilities in data analysis and Discrete choice model Calibration. Guglielmo is a Cube certified trainer.

Antonio Restuccia, Senior Consultant

Master Degree in Civil – Transport Engineering in 2012 at “Università Mediterranea di Reggio Calabria”. Since 2013, he has been working extensively – in Italy and in the United Kingdom – in the development and application of transport models, using a range of modelling software, analysis and databases packages, and gaining a good experience with Cube. He has started working for V&B/Citilabs Middle East in 2019. Previously he worked for TBridge (Genoa/Milan) and Systra Ltd (Woking). Antonio is a member of the UK Transport Planning Society. Antonio is a Cube certified trainer.

Luigi Sanfilippo, Senior Consultant

PhD in “Technology and Economy of Transport” in 2015. Luigi holds a Master’s degree in Traffic Engineering from University of Palermo (earned in 2011). He has vast experience in planning and programming of traffic lights systems and in the development of microsimulation models. He worked in Germany for three years, specialising in traffic engineering, with responsibilities for projects in Germany, Netherlands and United Kingdom. He works since 2018 with V&B as transport planner. Luigi is a Cube certified trainer.

Antonello Racina, Consultant

Master degree in Civil Engineering awarded by University of Basilicata in 2014. From 2012 he worked as analyst of mobility demand and local public transport offer. He has experience in the analysis and elaboration of mobility data, in the microsimulation of road traffic and in the evaluation of the local public transport costs. He acquired this expertise during the private practice years and as research fellow at University of Basilicata. He works since 2018 with V&B as transport planner. Antonello is a Cube certified trainer

Gabriele Contini, Consultant

Degree in Civil Engineering – Transport and Mobility in 2016 at Università degli Studi di Cagliari, he works as transport engineer from 2017. He gained a good knowledge in the modeling of transport systems, mostly in macrosimulation, with software as Cube and Visum. He worked in Systematica Mlab Cagliari and in Centralabs. He has been working at V&B as transport planner since 2018. Gabriele is a Cube certified trainer